Are Rural Hospitals in Texas at Risk of Closing? 

Texas lawmakers have gone through three special sessions, but for some lawmakers, that isn't enough because there are still serious issues that must be addressed.

State Representative David Spiller is the latest Republican lawmaker to call on Governor Greg Abbott to call lawmakers back to Austin for a fourth special session. For Spiller, border security and vaccine mandates are two issues that must be addressed.

Representative Spiller joined The Chad Hasty Show on Monday evening to discuss his reasoning behind calling for a fourth special session. Spiller applauded both Governor Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton for their work against the vaccine mandates. Rep. Spiller said that Paxton has been right to sue, but that Texas needed to do more to ensure vaccines aren't mandated.

One of the biggest concerns voiced by Rep. Spiller was over the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) vaccine mandate. Spiller told the audience that he's been working with the Attorney General's office on the impact the mandate could have on rural healthcare including hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Spiller also wants the governor to add border security to a fourth special session. In a press release on Monday, Spiller laid out a bill addressing border security:
empty hospital by Adhy Savala is licensed under Unsplash