List of Lawmakers Supporting a Fourth Special Legislative Session Steadily Grows

The list of lawmakers who have publicly called on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to call a fourth special legislative session to address a prohibition on employer vaccine mandates has continued to grow.

As of November 11, the list just included 16 lawmakers. It has since grown to 24, including lawmakers from both the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate—all Republicans.

The issue is one that was added at the last minute during the third special session, which concluded on October 19. The Legislature chose not to address the issue, even though there were several pieces of legislation filed to do so.

Running parallel to the last-minute addition to the special session agenda was the issuance of an executive order by Abbott attempting to prohibit such activity. That order has routinely been ignored, however, by the likes of major corporations such as American Airlines, Union-Pacific Railroad, and Southwest Airlines.

Since the conclusion of the third-called special session, the Republican Party of Texas has routinely come out in support of calling an additional special session for both the employer vaccine mandate prohibition and other legislative priorities that have been left on the table in recent sessions.
Texas State Capital building Dome by Clark Van Der Beken is licensed under Unsplash