Christin Bentley
Christin Bentley, M.S. is a Republican activist and Special Education Advocate from Dallas, TX. She holds a clear, Level II, Education Specialist Credential from the State of California and has earned a Master’s of Science... Read More.
Sarah J Fields
Sarah Jessica Fields M.S. is a Christian Constitutionalist and Director of Advocacy for Texas Freedom Coalition.  After leaving the military in 2009 as an MP, she earned a bachelor‘s degree in gerontology and... Read More.
Jennifer Bridges, RN
Jennifer Bridges created Guardians of Medical Choice group in the wake of her lawsuit against Houston Methodist in May 2021 over forced COVID vaccination of it employees... Read More.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller was born and raised in the State of Texas. He is a Highly Decorated USAF Veteran who served our country overseas during Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Southern Watch, Operation Iraqi Freedom... Read More.
Seth Keshel
Captain Seth Keshel is a retired Army Captain of Military Intelligence and Afghanistan veteran... Read More.
The Five Star Plan
Aaron is a father of three, began as an hourly employee and built his own business from scratch. Having seen firsthand what pain and suffering... Read More.
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