About Aaron

Aaron Sorrells is a small business owner, devoted husband and father of three, running for Lieutenant Governor.  Aaron chose to run after observing for years how Dan Patrick has failed to protect the individual rights and freedom of Texans to live their lives free from excessive government interference.  While Patrick pretends to be a conservative, his “principled conservativism” consists of making backroom deals in the interests of his donors to kill important conservative legislative priorities in committee and to prevent the “country club” known as the Texas Senate from being accountable to the people who elected them.

As Lieutenant Governor, Aaron will bring transparency and accountability back to the Texas Senate by forcing floor votes on all conservative legislation so the people of Texas will know who serves their interests and who serves the interest of the corrupt political establishment in Austin.

Aaron is a proud 5th generation Texan. To Aaron, being a Texan means that you have the freedom and opportunity to succeed if you believe in your God-given abilities and work hard to put those talents to use.  Aaron’s dedication to hard work and belief in leading by example allowed him to rise from an entry-level retail position, to management, and then to success in opening his own small business.  As Lieutenant Governor, Aaron will prioritize legislation that allows Texans to pursue their dreams free from oppressive big government and the threat of being cancelled and terminated for exercising their rights to free speech and medical freedom to refuse vaccine and mask mandates, whether from government or private employers.  It’s time to fire Dan Patrick and make Texas free again by electing Aaron Sorrells for Lieutenant Governor in 2022.